📣 Instalo BG & ECOMONDO Expo 2023 – 07-10.11.2023 Rimini, Italy!

📣 Instalo BG & ECOMONDO Expo 2023 – 07-10.11.2023 Rimini, Italy!
November 3, 2023 Sirma Mutafchiyska

📣 From 7 November to 10 November, our Instalo BG` representatives will be there for you at ECOMONDO 2023 – The Green Technology Expo in Rimini, Italy.

ECOMONDO 2023 is the biggest international event in Europe for technologies, services and industrial solutions in the green sectors and circular economy. Many companies, in environmental services, solutions and technologies in water management, waste management, bioenergy, agriculture and ets., will be there to meet and talk to each other.

The exhibition unites and systematises the key elements that shape the development strategies of the European Union’s environmental policy.

We look forward to seeing you at Ecomondo2023 – The green technology expo in Rimini, Italy and discussing how we can work together to provide you with highquality technologies and services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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