About Us

“Instalo BG” Ltd. is a manufacturing  company, known as a reliable partner for metal fabrication subcontracting and production of customized , non -standard equipment. The continuous interaction between our R & D, production planning and quality guarantees our customers innovative and profitable solutions. Investing in state-of-the-art technology, a modern organisation in quality, environment and safety matters, we can now collaborate with large multinational companies in our reference markets.

To meet the needs of our clients, we develop and implement ourselves in the following areas:

•  Metal fabtication

• Factory as a service (FAAS)

• Mechanical and electrical assembly

• Design and manufacture of custom-made equipment

• Engineering Consultancy Services

Our product range and services are expanded in the engineering sector as follows:

• Water treatment plants

• Recycling

• Machine manufacturing

• Construction industry

• Pumping Industry

• Storage Solutions

• Furnishing and design

• Agriculture and forestry


The experience of our staff, gained through practical experience, helps us to understand the needs of each project. That is why we at Instalo BG strive to maintain high standards in:

• Equipment maintenance at the process design stage and engineering issues

• Innovative methods and flexibility of resources

• Processing of relevant engineering documents

• Project Engineering Department, equipped with 2d/3d CAD workstations.

Our machine Park operates in accordance with the environmental requirements in terms of functionality and we try to use the optimum materials with efficient equipment operation:

• Plasma Cutting Machine

• Laser Cutting Machine

• Bending Machine

• Welding Machines

• CNC Machine center

• Drilling machines

• Powder coating

• Wet painting

Instalo BG is aiming to provide our customers with effective, reliable and innovative solutions, competent advice and reliable services. Thanks to our qualified personnel we are able to offer our clients experience, knowledge and vision of our design, bespoke products and services.