Agriculture and forestry

INSTALO BG Ltd. offers metal parts fabrication solutions with applications in Agriculture industry, as crop farming and horticulture.
As leading agricultural equipment subcontractor of metal components, we can produce a wide range of customer-designed machines such as combine harvesters, tractors, hay balers, front-end loaders and more. We also produce individual parts and components and assembled products. We specialize in large-volume orders. When you work with us, our expert team will create a process built to meet your needs together.
INSTALO BG is increasing its production portfolio with manufacturing of metal components for the Agriculture industry. It will bring numerous benefits of our clients.

At Instalo BG, we are specialists in manufacturing high quality products for the agriculture and forestry industries. Some examples of products we can produce for you include

  • Wood chipping machines
  • Frames for stubble cultivators
  • Frames for bin tippers for fruits and vegetables
  • Components for fruit and vegetable sorting machines
  • Parts for flail and lawn mowers
  • Metal frames for soil leveller attachments
  • Metal components for ploughs, rakes and grader blades
  • Agricultural trailers for transporting goods

Apart from manufacturing parts and components of your solution, we can also take ownership in assembling the final product.