Furnishing and design

In Instalo BG, you can find a reliable and trustworthy partner to manufacture products for your furnishings and design industry.

For the hospitality industry, we can produce a wide range of goods such as

  • Stairs landings and railings, also fire escape staircases
  • Laser-cut screens and panels for balconies
  • Outdoor and indoor fitness equipment
  • Components for vending machines (e.g. frames, doors, spirals, etc.)
  • Casino equipment (e.g. parts for roulette wheels, slot machines, etc.)
  • Entertainment (e.g. components for bowling alleys, billiards tables, frames for foosball tables, shells for popcorn machines, etc.)
  • Structural steelwork of wood pallet burners

For your office and home, we can manufacture items such as

  • Magnetic whiteboards to fit your size
  • Metal legs and bases for tables and chairs
  • Computer stands and TV mounting stands
  • Designed laser-cut nameplates and instruction signs
  • Storage and cabinets
  • Designed decorations, such as laser-cut clocks and ornaments

Apart from manufacturing parts and components of your solution, we can also take ownership in assembling the final product.