Lean manufacturing kick-off

Lean manufacturing kick-off
January 21, 2019 Sirma Mutafchiyska
Lean kick-off
lean training

To start a prosperous working 2019  the team of INSTALO BG kicked-off a meeting for Lean manufacturing. Our sales and production colleagues was more than eager to find better waste minimization without sacrificing productivity methods .

There are five key practices involved in 5S – sort, set in order, shine, standartdize, sustain.

In order to achive the best results we at Instalo BG will take the following steps:

  1. Sort through materials, keeping only the essential items needed to complete tasks.
  2. Ensure that all items are organized and each item has a designated place. Organize all the items left in the workplace in a logical way so they make tasks easier for workers to complete.
  3. Proactive efforts to keep workplace areas clean and orderly to ensure purpose-driven work.
  4. Create a set of standards for both organization and processes.
  5. Sustain new practices and conduct audits to maintain discipline.

We are looking forward to 2019 new project implementation according lean methods.