INSTALO BG factory improvements

INSTALO BG factory improvements
May 10, 2018 Sirma Mutafchiyska
sheet metal vacuum lifting device
sheet metal vacuum lifting device

We have successfully put into operation our new sheet metal vacuum lifting device. In this way we will be able to have no delays in the production and execute orders for laser cutting services faster than usual.

The technical capabilities of the sheet metal vacuum lifting device with hoist are the following:

  • Metal sheets with dimensions: Lmax = 3 000 mm, Bmax = 1 500 mm;
  • Maximum Load capacity: 500 kg;
  • Minimum load capacity: 20 kg, and in exceptional cases – 1.0 kg.
  • 4 pcs. Of Chisinau type P300 / Ø 375 mm;
  • Vacuum pump with a capacity of 8 m³ / h
  • Electrical connection: via a 5-wire CEE plug, 400V, 50Hz, 0.6KW;
  • Main beam length – 2,850 mm;
  • Lower cross beams: 2 pcs. with a length of 1 000 mm.