Powder Coating

powder coating


Powder coating is used in industrial machines manufacturing and is mainly a subcontracted service for aluminum and steel products.

Our own painting and coating facility is among few ones in our region where we offer liquid and powder coatings. Instalo BG will be able to offer the following services:

1. Primary chemical treatment of metal parts by degreasing and phosphating.
2. Polymer powder coating – electrostatic and tribo method of epoxy, epoxy-polyesters, polyesters and polyurethane powder compositions.
3. Liquid anti-corrosion protection systems with airless application of polymers – epoxy, vinyl, polyurethane, etc.
4. Thermoplastic coatings of polyamide and polyethylene by immersion (sintering) and electrostatic.

The oven working dimensions are as follows 1.80m x 1.80m x 3.80m

The facility will help us speed up the production and lead-times, because you don’t have to repackage the product multiple times before shipment. So if you have any requests and parts production needs please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@instalo.bg