Recycling industry project on the way

Recycling industry project on the way
June 12, 2018 Sirma Mutafchiyska
Recycling plant

Instalo BG has started a new project for parts manufacturing for machines in the recycling industry. We have successfully been approved as a reliable subcontracting partner for the sheet metal parts production of sorting and recycling equipment.

The success of INSTALO BG rests in our specialized approach and our commitment to single-source responsibility. Not only do we carefully assess each client’s requirements and tailor each system to match their needs, but we also provide ongoing support for the assembly and installation of the equipment in order to help our clients keep their business running at the highest level possible.

Therefore we are happy when we help in the production of tailor-made machines needed for a waste recycling plant like waste balers and separators, wrapping machines, waste conveyor belts, waste sorting plants.