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Do you have a concept in mind and would like concept drawings made? Does your company need help with any aspect of mechanical drawing or making manufacturing drawings from entire assemblies that are already in 3D formats to 2D CAD? Would you like to add Geometric Dimensioning and tolerance information, associate notes, annotations and Bill of Material to an engineering drawing? Would you like to use the flexibility that parametric modelling can bring to managing design or configuration changes to your product?


All these can be done through well executed drawings and drafting services by teams who have a good understanding of product design and manufacturing. Mechanical engineers at INSTALO have a broad domain understanding of diverse industries as well as manufacturing and prototyping knowledge. We can help you with most of your 2D drafting and 2D drawing requirements or simply convert from 2D CAD to 3D and vice versa.


What kind of value addition can we make while providing CAD drafting services to you?

Nowadays mechanical drawings need to be readily editable, easy to archive, search, reproduce and modify. They should be easy to integrate with parts and assemblies; should lend flexibility and should speed up the CAD design process. They need to be easy to modify with revision control, linked annotations and should offer greater control of the design cycle through parametric drawing approach and layer management. CAD is used in the design of tools and machinery and in the drafting and design of all types of architectural and engineering drawings.


Our engineers can offer seamless drafting services by delivering CAD drafting and design projects that have used the features mentioned above, and have even improved the efficiency of many of our customers’ design processes!


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Advantages of Using Electronic Drawings


  • Savings in physical space used to store drawings
  • Savings in resources needed to archive and manage drawings
  • Ability to retrieve mechanical drawings faster and edit / modify them
  • Ability to show greater detail quickly through exploded and sectional views
  • Ability to change associated parts according to change in one part
  • Ability to communicate drawings through e-mail, WebEx, etc.


Our company has expertise in computer aided design and drafting through tools like AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks software, and are proficient with automation tools like Visual LISP and VBA programming. Our mechanical engineers come from domains like Aerospace, Automobile and Marine, Food processing, HVAC, Piping and ducting industries and Healthcare devices.


Perhaps what differentiates us is our project management, normally the weakest link in outsourcing drafting services. Project planning, reviews, communication and documentation are carried out to deliver high quality drafting and design services.


3D opens up a world of design that is otherwise hard to access. Working with designers and engineers to attain the best possible CAD designs, 3D designs or 3D models is one of the objectives of INSTALO BG.


3D visualization of CAD tools brings life and clarity into the design objectives with respect to interference, clearance, tolerance aspects, aesthetics and helps communicate ideas more effectively.


3D modelling is the technical art of developing a mathematical, wire frame representation of any three-dimensional object. 3D models could be displayed as an image in print using a process called 3D rendering or used in a computer simulation.


Simply put, CAD design is the use of computer technology for the process of design and design-documentation. A 3D design is usually used by individuals and companies in the field of architecture and engineering work. 3D CAD technology provides a challenging creative environment. 3D CAD provides opportunities for the elimination of inherent inefficiencies in existing work flows or practices.


Did you want to shift manufacturing of a part to a different partner company and realized that you don’t have actual manufacturing drawings? Did you want to make design changes to an assembly and noticed that you don’t have the drawings for it? Is the local scanning shop charging you a ransom to reverse engineer a part? Do you have a concept that you carved out or modeled with your hands, which you want to be manufactured to the exact level of detail? Send us those parts and we will have manufacturing drawings made for you!


Our company has dealt with customer requirements on a wide scale – be it complexity or size, our team can help you with your challenge. We have carried out work involving class A surfaces as well as electronics intensive consumer products. We have worked on castings, forgings and injection molded parts – parts that are as small as a couple of millimetres as well as those that are several feet in dimensions.


Technology at INSTALO BG lies in skilled hands. Our mechanical engineers come with broad industry experience and have product development and manufacturing experience. They have designed and prototyped products that are complex. A few examples of our efforts include complex automotive castings, investment cast components used in aircraft engines, medical devices and injection molded furniture. Industries that we have served range from hi-technology, medical, consumer electronics to machine tool, automotive and aerospace.


Convert not just legacy drawings, but legacy products too!


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