Factory as a Service (FaaS)

Have a great idea that you would like to quickly turn into an end product, but have no manufacturing capabilities? Then look no further than Instalo BG. We pride ourselves on our team of cross-functional experts, who can help you through each step of the product development cycle.

Design and engineering

  • Creation of concept drawings
  • 3D modelling of your design using the best-in-class software
  • Feasibility analysis of your design
  • Cost calculations of material and manhours needed

Find out more at our Engineering Services webpage.

Prototyping and manufacturing

  • Quick production of first prototype as proof of concept
  • Conducting iterations and improvements on prototype, if needed
  • Manufacturing the end product using our machines, such as plasma and laser cutters

Find out more at our Capabilities webpage.

Assembly and packaging

  • Liaising with other manufacturers to collect all components of your product
  • Performing mechanical, technical and electrical assembly of your end product
  • Packaging the final product in a manner determined by you

Find out more at our Mechanical and Electrical Assembly webpage.


  • Sourcing quotes on logistics and shipment
  • Helping you select the best option available
  • Organising and tracking the shipment
  • Following up on documentation upon receival