Mechanical and Electrical Assembly

Instalo BG provides complete mechanical and electrical assembly to go along with our many manufacturing services and processes include fabrication and machining. Let us become your total solution provider for your product line and/or equipment outsourcing needs. The combination of electrical and mechanical assemblies to deliver customers sub-assemblies that can fit into larger applications is the best combination of our skills and knowledge.

Our customers are able to maximise the cost reductions of multiple assemblies into one location while relying on our high quality standards and our commitment to on-time delivery. Own steel constructions production is apparently big benefit for complex projects. To exceed expectations in fabrication and assembly, Instalo BG emphasizes full collaboration with our industry partners.

Instalo BG has the experience of projects in the following fields:

  • Water treatment;
  • Solid waste disposal and recycling;
  • Fluid handling equipment;
  • Industrial plants assembly lines;
  • Food industry;
  • Pneumatic systems and blower assemblies
  • Steel constructions (tanks, frames, shells, etc.)
  • Electrical and control cabinets
  • Other fluid systems assemblies

All of these projects involved various process and product development which we responded with our vast engineering knowledge and experience. One of our strengths is helping our customers refine, finish, or add functionality to an incomplete design or idea. We can make technical recommendations regarding materials, design and manufacturing to minimize cost and enhance quality.

There hasn’t been a process, product or problem that we haven’t been able to complete. We pride ourselves in turning problems into opportunities for our client’s growth and success. For more information about electrical and mechanical assembly services or to learn about our additional services in contract manufacturing, please send an RFI/RFQ today at