Shearline machines subcontracting

Shearline machines subcontracting
June 6, 2018 Sirma Mutafchiyska
rebar shearline system
rebar shearline system

Instalo BG are proud to announce that we have produced and assembled parts of a high quality control shearline system with high processing speeds, ideal for cutting many varying smaller and medium sized batches.

Shearline machnies are compact in size and ideal to cut various grades and standard of steel in different lengths, which can be further used for various processes. These are straightened with automatic clamp device, which make these extensively useful. Engineered in accordance with international industrial standard, these machines are widely used for highways, buildings and many other allied places.

The task of our team was to do the cutting, welding and assembly services of the different parts of the machine and the storage sections of the equipment. Moreover to have better corrosion resistance a layer of wet paint is put.





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