INSTALO is ready for your new supply chain model

INSTALO is ready for your new supply chain model
April 22, 2020 Instalo BG

The COVID-19 contagion has caused a major slide in manufacturing and disrupted the supply chain for many companies across the globe. While the immediate focus is on maintaining the supply and meeting customer needs—often through hands-on rigorous work—leaders should also analyze the current pain points to plan for future disruptions. And here is the perfect time to know us INSTALO BG! Supply chains have evolved into a network of hundreds of suppliers, sub-contractors and distribution centers, which are dispersed all over the world. Even the smallest upset can create a dramatic and resonating effect on the global supply network. 

It’s time to break up the regular supply chain and meet the digital supply networks!

Being a responsible partner INSTALO BG hasn’t stopped any of our manufacturing processes during COVID-19 times, even though some of our clients were closed.  We are ready to support much more supply chain agility and resiliency, without the traditional “ovehead” associated with risk management techniques. Technologies are here to dramatically improve visibility across the end-to-end supply chain.

What did we do?

  • We focused on production scheduling agility;
  • We activated alternative sources of supply within the country and EU.
  • We updated inventory policy and planning parameters;
  • We enhanced inbound materials visibility;
  • We evaluated alternative logistic options and secured capacity.

What you should do now?

  • Re-evaluate the sourcing strategy and redesign the supplier network;
  • Build smarter supply chain modelling and scenario analysis by contacting us;
  • Set up data-sharing platforms as we are used to working in this way;

So if you think we can be part of your supply management subcontracting network and make it more stable and prosperous please do not hesitate to contact us at when it comes to metal fabrication.