Augmented reality site visit and inspection

Augmented reality site visit and inspection
April 23, 2020 Sirma Mutafchiyska
augmented reality
augmented reality

We have recently been very busy looking into augmented reality in more detail. We purchased system and carried out internal tests, and we now have an augmented reality system that we are ready to test with our customers. We will be using this test phase to carry out inspections remotely, give the opportunity to our customers to attend site inspections and factory visit tours. 

By only putting a pair of glasses, we will be ready to assist all our customers worldwide and make their feeling about work done by us more stable and reliable. Augmented reality applications can be configured to meet a variety of tasks and processes across the plant floor – from assembly and production to inspection, quality assurance and delivery.

Using augmented reality in our manufacturing processes will allow factory workers to get jobs done faster, more accurately and safer by connecting them to the customers around the globe and meet their final product expectation.

What more can we do with Augmented reality?

  • Access guided task instructions
  • Complete safety checklists
  • Document critical steps and create audit trails
  • Initiate calls and live stream with remote experts
  • Monitor live data on the plant floor
  • Get real-time alerts and task notifications
  • Work with connected objects and tools
  • View and capture photos and videos

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